Welcome to Kattis at KTH

Welcome to the Kattis System! We would appreciate if you report any issues you find to [email protected].

Current courses:

Course Offering(s)
Tillämpad datalogi – DD1320 tildah20
Javaprogrammering för Pythonprogrammerare – DD1380 javap2021

Recent courses:

Course Offering(s)
Grundläggande datalogi – DD1327 grudat20 (Ended 2020-06-01)
Algoritmer och datastrukturer – DD1338 algdat19 (Ended 2020-06-15)
Algoritmer, datastrukturer och komplexitet – DD2350 adk19 (Ended 2019-12-31)
Algorithms and Complexity – DD2352 algokomp20 (Ended 2020-06-15)
Artificiell intelligens – DD2380 ai20vt (Ended 2020-06-30)
ai19ht (Ended 2019-12-31)
Introduction to Robotics – DD2410 irob19 (Ended 2019-12-31)
Avancerade algoritmer – DD2440 avalg19 (Ended 2020-01-13)
Applied Cryptography – DD2520 tilkry20 (Ended 2020-07-01)