Problem A
Blocks on Blocks

If you know the game tetris, you may be familiar with the following figures:


These figures contains rows of squares. In each row, squares are consecutive. Adjacent rows share at least one side of a square, so the following figures are not allowed:


Given the number of squares, count the number of figures. Since the number may be huge, the answer is the number of figures modulo $10000$. That is, the output will always be between $0$ and $9999$.


The first line of input contains a single integer $t$ ($1\le t \le 100$), the number of test cases. Each test case contains a single integer $n$ ($1 \le n \le 1\, 000\, 000\, 000$), the number of squares.


For each test case, print the case number followed by the answer for that case. Use the format in the sample output below.

Sample Input 1 Sample Output 1
Case 1: 6
Case 2: 61
Case 3: 629

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