Problem B

Problem description

The full problem-description is available in Canvas:

Kattis submission

Submit the IK_functions.py file from the script folder containing your solutions.
Make sure the solution or any files you submit are in Python3!
Use: "#! /usr/bin/env python3" at the top to let Kattis auto detect the language.
Do not submit the entire skeleton! Only the IK_functions.py and any additional file you wrote for it.

Kattis Result

Kattis will test your solution on 4 test cases (2 E-level and 2 C-level)

  • You get 10 Points per E-level Solution (SCARA-Robot)

  • You get 1 Points per C-Level Solution (KUKA-Robot)

Max score is 22 points.


E grade for $>=$ 20 points.
C grade for $>=$ 22 points.

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